EPIC is pleased to release a Canadian Energy Strategy Framework: Click here to view the full document x

Guiding Principles

EPIC’s unique quality and source of strength is our singular focus on one task: to draft an energy strategy and policy recommendations.

As we develop realistic policy options for consideration by government policy-makers, EPIC will be guided by the following principles:

  • Ensure that energy and environmental imperatives go hand in hand in ways that will result in the most innovative and positive outcomes.
  • Advance the primacy of the Canada-United States energy relationship and ensure that mutual clean energy goals focus on co-operation in the development and implementation of ground breaking technologies.
  • Contribute ideas and solutions that enhance the openness of world energy markets and strengthen global rules relating to investment, carbon management and energy security.
  • Help design regulatory processes that aid, rather than impede, responsible energy development.
    Promote certainty and predictability in energy policy which are vitally needed to support investment decisions.