EPIC is pleased to release a Canadian Energy Strategy Framework: Click here to view the full document x

The Energy Policy Institute of Canada

A Canadian Energy Strategy
Released Aug. 2, 2012
EPIC’s sole purpose is to develop a comprehensive, pan-Canadian approach to energy which will provide the foundation for recommendations to federal, provincial and territorial government authorities responsible for energy and environment policy.

Our Previous Work

EPIC has produced a variety of documents for download over our history. They are listed below.

Regulatory Reform Draft - December 8, 2011

Canada’s current system regulatory system is uncertain, time-consuming, and complex – putting unnecessary constraints on our global competitiveness. This paper discusses what needs to change to ensure our future as an energy leader.

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The EPIC Narrative - September 10, 2011

Canada is one of the most prosperous, stable and peaceful nations on Earth. This, combined with our abundance of resources — particularly energy — puts us in a position that much of the world can envy.

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Progress Document - July 18, 2011

Canada has reached a critical juncture in its history, and that today’s leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to secure our country’s role as a strong and responsible energy superpower.

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Framework Document - January 14, 2011

A comprehensive Canadian energy strategy will enhance regulatory efficiency, quicken the time- to-market for major energy projects, and strike the right balance among economic, social and environmental considerations.

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